Demo reels

Vocal Characteristics

  • Warm. Vibrant. Natural. Conversational. Intelligent.
  • Voice of a relatable shopper, employee, influencer, and young mom
  • North American English (unaccented), as well as Cantonese Chinese-accented English voice over.


  • Sennheiser MKH416 and Neumann TLM 102 microphones
  • Apollo Solo I/O
  • Adobe Audition and Reaper DAW
  • Broadcast quality sound booth
  • Live direction via SourceConnect Standard, Zoom, or online calls
  • Quick turnaround of dry voice tracks

Awards & Accolades

AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award

"Ho expertly narrates a large cast of quirky, authentic characters, creating a well-rounded listening experience. She gives listeners a strong sense of Anna's strained relationship with her mother and her feelings for Rory, who is also affected by depression. Listeners will find the bittersweet story and Ho's charismatic narration nothing short of delectable."


Rinah Ho - Best Children's Voiceover Performance Award

My beautiful daughter also does voiceover, and she won the 2021 US One Voice Award for Best Children's Voiceover Performance. 

For more info on Rinah, click here.

What clients say...

“We've worked with over 50 pro-voiceovers in the USA and Canada over the last 8 years and Christina is by far at the pinnacle of top-tier talent, from her voice acumen and style to promptness and stellar accessibility.”

- Optima Public Relations

“I’ve come to rely on Christina for everything but especially for bigger, more complicated projects. Her work is extremely fast and accurate, even on projects with scientific terminology, and she’s quick to follow up on required revisions. Her voice is engaging and our clients have requested her on multiple occasions for their custom courses. I can’t recommend Christina highly enough!”

 - UL Eduneering

Work samples

Click below for a playlist of work completed for happy clients!

I can also be heard at (a safe streaming app for kids), in stores at Winners/Marshalls/TJX, and over the phone when you call the Apple Stores in China. 


Christina 2024 Commercial Demo - Download link
2024 Christina Ho Commercial Demo.mp3
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Christina Ho Explainer Demo - Download link
MP3 Audio File 1.2 MB
Christina Ho Cantonese Accented English Demo - Download link
Christina_Ho - Cantonese Chinese accent.
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Christina Ho IVR and Phone Messaging Demo - Download link
Christina_Ho - Telephony.mp3
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