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Microphone - Sennheiser MKH416 and Neumann TLM 102

I/O Interface - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Software - Adobe Audition and Reaper


I provide quick turnaround (next business day or sooner) of dry voice tracks, and can deliver MP3, WAV or AIF file formats.



Voice Training

"Never stop learning" - these are words that I live by, and voice training is no exception. I regularly take training courses from many of the wonderful professionals in this industry... locally, nationally, and even internationally.


Although I've trained with veterans like Harlan Hogan and Pat Fraley, I would say there's also no substitute for being a working talent to keep up with what's current in the world of voiceovers. I could do all the training in the world but what's most important is to meet your needs as a client!


Check out my portfolio to see some recent examples of clients who have hired me and brought me back for more. 


Fun facts

- I've been voicing since 2009 for online and in-studio clients

- I lived in Hong Kong as a child and had a British accent when I moved to Canada

- I graduated university 2 courses shy of a minor in French

- I have a background in music performance 

- I am also an experienced digital strategist, investment analyst, and mom! In fact, you can read more about my background in this article about me that was published by The Voice Realm.


Payment Options

PayPal (all major credit cards)

Checks and wire transfers accepted


Other ways to find me

Agent representation at Go Voices and Play Management


My Voiceovers.com profile page


Other profile pages: my Voice123 pageTheVoiceRealm, and Voices.com